Another Day, Another Medication

My life seems to consist of doctor appointments and trying out new medications. A couple of weeks ago the doctor put me on Lithium which was supposed to help in fighting depression and stabilizing moods. Unfortunately I seem to be the person who has more side effects than benefit.

On the less severe side, I experienced tremors in my hands and some mild GI distress. On the more severe side, my heart seems to have moved into my trachea and its every beat has become painful. Apparently Lithium can have some negative effects with the heart, so the doc says to be on the safe side, we should look at another cocktail.  

The next trial starts tomorrow. Let's mix up some Zyprexa and Prozac to see how they play together.  I'm not sure I like these medication trials.  I realize that it can take a while to get things right, so that's okay I guess. The thing I'm struggling with most is that I'm facing a lifetime of medication... Medications I never wanted, but admittedly need.