That's not a message in that bottle, is it?

There may not be a message, but there's likely a story. Oh, and there's definitely a butt.

Smirnoff Ice bottle at a bus stop in Aurora, CO

Smirnoff Ice bottle at a bus stop in Aurora, CO

When I find an empty liquor bottle at a bus stop, my first inclination is to wonder who left it there and what it was that brought that person to this place. Where were they coming from? Where were they going? 

I want to think that the bottle was shared by a couple of friends in celebration of a great day spent hanging out in random places that neither frequents. It's better to think of this bottle that way because I don't want to think of the more likely reality... There's one cigarette butt in the bottle, not two. This bottle doesn't signify fun and camaraderie. This bottle signifies loneliness, sadness, and possibly illness.  

I hope the lips that touched that bottle and cigarette find warmth someplace other than bottles and cigarettes.